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Safaris combine the excitement, passion and adventure of Africa and prove a unique motivator for Incentives and Corporate meetings. The possibilities are extensive: from a fly-in safari to a remote, exclusive safari camp to a larger game lodge incorporating meeting facilities. More adventurous may like to consider a safari on horseback or a 1940’s style mobile camping safari where the attention to detail is sublime!


Safari lodges vary dramatically in ambience and style. South Africa and Botswana have some of the finest game lodges in the world, complete with luxurious furnishings, delicious cuisine, extensive wine cellars, private plunge pools and spas.




Take a walk on the wild side

This is not an adrenaline filled encounter with one of Africa's Big Five, instead guests will experience the intricacies of the African bushveld on foot.

Guests head out into the bush with their armed ranger and will notice when in a dangerous game area, the game ranger concentrates on spoor identification, reading the ground like a businessman would read the Financial Mail on a Monday morning. So much can be revealed when one understands the various behaviour patterns and intricacies displayed by wild animals. Only time spent in the rugged bushveld on foot will equip a person with this sort of knowledge. Ancestral folklore of the local Shangaan people is also a popular topic of discussion during a walking safari. The medicinal usage of trees and shrubs in this pristine area serve many of the local Shangaan people, this often being the highlight of conversation on a bush walk. Some species of tree can be used to make a strong bush tea; other species can be used as medicines, toothbrushes, insect repellents, and even disinfectants.


Under African Skies Themed dinner


Under African Skies presents guests with the opportunity to experience the truly vibrant nature of traditional African culture. Bright colours, handcrafted art and raw earthly fabrics all contribute to the textured and extravagant experience under the awe-inspiring African night sky. The outdoor boma, surrounded by ancient indigenous trees and unending bush beyond, is the idea setting for a stunning fusion of Afro-chic pieces, traditional printed and embroidered linens and original carved figurines. Every detail is carefully planned to create and authentic African ambience, from the creatively designed table cloths to the locally woven indigenous placemats. The evening is a delight for all the senses – an enchanting dinner that is perfectly accentuated by the lively sound of local Marimba players or the rhythmic movements of Shangaan dancers.


Nature Spa pampering


Majority of bush spa are situated in locations which maximize the natural sights and sounds of the bushveld surroundings. It is not uncommon to open your eyes mid treatment and see a large elephant bull wondering past. A variety of treatments and treatment products are used which will help you ease the city stresses away. Easily!